Cynefin Farm VT LLC

Here at Cynefin Farm our sole focus is Top Quality Shetland & Shetland Cross wool.  And the best wool comes from Happy, Healthy sheep making our first priority the health and happiness of out wooly family.

Our second goal is to, through educational workshops, teach the old, hand working ways of wool processing.  

To that end we offer group as well as one on one classes that range from Animal husbandry, Wool processing from Scouring, Carding, Combing, Spinning, Needle Felting, Wet Felting, Knitting, Crocheting & MORE... 

We are a No Kill Farm. All our animals live long, healthy natural lives receiving the best natural care.

Our Purebred Shetland Sheep are registered through NASSA (North American Shetland Sheep Association) We maintain a closed flock selectively breeding to restore the breed to its even more primitive traits.

Our Shetland Cross sheep, while unable to be registered anywhere, receive no less care and are also selectively bred for the best mix of qualities. From our Shetland/Border Leicester, Shetland/Coopworth and Shetland/Oxford/Tunis all the wool is the best of the best and the sheep they come from in top health.