CyFaRe ~ CYnefin FArm REmedies

I've been making my own health and beauty products for years, from intensive moisturizers for working hands and feet, to healing salves, ointments and pest repellant  used on the critters AND the humans here on the farm, to a wee bit of make-up.  For years I've made batches as gifts for friends, family and fellow farmers and after much encouragement I've decided to start selling them from our farm shop. There will be small batches available in the shop but I will gladly accept special orders via e-mail ~ [email protected] ~

Everything is made with Organic Essential Oils and other ingredients.

Questions?  Email me!


Winer Healing Salve, Dandelion Healing Salve

Spot Treatment (Lipstick container)



Winter Healing, Dandelion Healing Salve

2oz Jar $10.00


Antiaging, Puffy eyes & Dark circles

Roller Bottle $5.00


Beard Oil

Small Dropper $7.50

Large Dropper $15.00


Coming Soon

Masks for; Scars, Wrinkles, Acne, Puffy face, Age spots

Creams; All the above PLUS, Shaving Cream, Overnight cream, Make-up remover, moisturizer

Balms; 1st aid, Sore Muscles, Diaper rash

Salves; All the above PLUS, arthritis pain, 1st and 2nd degree burns

Scrubs; For the face, body, lips and scalp

Oils; For Beards, Clear skin, Anti-aging, Age spots, Acne, Dark circles, Puffy Eyes, Wrinkles, Varicose Veins, Fibromyalgia

Makeup; Mascara, Eye-liner, Eye-shadow, Lip gloss, Blush, Foundation, Bronzer

Body Care; Deodorant, Toner Toothpaste, Nail Strengthener, Fungal Treatment, Shampoo

Around the House and Farm; Pest repellant, Air fresheners, Potpourri for simmering