Micron Counts

If you have fiber (wool especially) you will often hit stumbling blocks and loose sales if you don't have a micron count done on your fiber.   I have acquired a microscope and Stage Micrometer so I can do  micron counts on the fiber our critters produce here on the farm.

I am offering this service to others FREE of charge.

All you need to do is:

Send samples of your fiber, each one in a separate little zip-lock bag, 

labeling each bag with a name or number of the source so you can identify it for it's source and I can use that to name for the results.

Make sure you tag each sample as where it came from.  IE: Neck, Side, Britch

Also put on the label the breed of the source it came from.

Send as many sample as you like, but keep in mind it takes time for me to do each test and I will be doing these tests while I am out in the shop and between customers and chores.

Please note I do these tests by hand and eye and results will be simply put and easy to read without any bells or whistles.

I can email your results to you, along with a 'screenshot' of what the microscope shows so you can see the results yourself.

Because I will be emailing you the results you will NOT get your sample back.

You can either Mail or bring samples to the farm for me to test.

Why Free?

Because as a shepherdess who sells her wool I have hit all the stumbling blocks and lost sales myself.

I know that sometimes its hard to keep pouring out money to show the quality of your fiber(s)

I wish someone had helped me when I needed it.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

So I am offering this to help others.

IF you want to give a donation for my time and services you are welcome to do so, but it IS NOT expected.

Fecal Egg Counts

If you have critters, you know parasites are a real danger. Finding a vet to accept fecal samples is hard enough, the cost of getting a vet to your location is mind blowing, IF they can even get there fast enough. Add to that the time it takes to get the results and the cost of the tests and it can be stressful to you and as we all know, time matters with an animal that may have a heavy parasite load.

I can only do these test for those who bring in a fresh sample.  I do NOT accept  mailed samples.

Results while you wait. I use the Modified McMasters method of testing.

Cost: $1.00 per test (Pay more if you want to)

Please call or text me ahead of time so I know to expect you and can prep the equipment.

(802) 376-6345

*DISCLAIMER*  I am NOT a vet, I am a shepherdess with the knowledge and equipment only.

I cannot give you medical advice on HOW to treat your critter for parasites, you can find that information all over the internet.  I can tell you the things I've done to treat mine but I do NOT give advice and cannot be held accountable for what you do to treat your animals or what the outcome will be.