Our Sheep

Purebred Shetland

This is Bob!  He is our Breeding ram and the sweetest boy you will ever meet!


Border Leister

Nelly is a sweet girl, She and her Twin brother, Norman, will be your best friend in exchange for animal crackers!



Chloe is one of our matrons of the flock with a gentle nature. She thinks back scratches are the best!



Burt is half brother of Bob and all gentleman. Despite being a big guy he is gentle natured and his wool displays the strength and staple length of a Shetland while maintaining the Merino softness.

Oxford/ Tunis

Foxy is a Oxford/Tunis cross. Both these breeds are classified as "down breeds" as their wool is fluffier and softer than the usual wool. Sadly due to the fact these breeds are so large they are usually utilized as a meat animal. But here on the farm all our animals live long, full lives.


Cinco & Mayo (May) joined us this year (2021) on May 5th (Hence their names). And next year we will have beautiful Lamb fleeces from them!