What is Vermont Fiber Farmers?

Vermont Fiber Farmers is a directory resource for and consisting of, farmers who grow fiber. Whether they grow plants for fibers, or raise critters for Fiber. All fiber farmers are welcome here.  There are no requirements, no fees, no expectations from those listed beyond giving basic information about the fibers they grow, any bio information they want listed and any links to their farms websites or social media they want listed.

It is the belief of the founder and creator of this group that ALL FIBER is valuable, be it super-soft wool, or stronger and courser fibers that make ropes, rugs, or any other craft.

To that end a place in this directory is FREE, no fees, no memberships. The point of this endeavor is to HELP fiber farmers, not nickle and dime them to death.

If you wish to be listed in this directory please contact [email protected]

I will reply with a form for you to fill out with the information needed for me to make you your own page here in the directory.

To Check out the Directory go to


For those of you who just want to get started in the directory...

You can just copy and paste the below into an email.

Vermont Fiber Farmers Questionnaire

~Farm Name:

~Owner's Name(s)

~Preferred method of contact: (Include those #s and addresses here please)

~Farm Location:

Do you welcome visitors?

(If yes, how do visitors contact you to arrange visit? Or what days and hours do you

welcome them?)

~Would you be interested in being part of a Fiber Tour or Festival?

~What Fiber do you grow and/or Fiber Breeds of animals do you Raise?

~In what state(s) do you sell your fiber?

~Social Media Links you would like listed on your page:

~Logo of your business (if you have one, If you don't and would like help creating one let me know.)

~Include any photos you would like on your directory page

~Short Bio of your Fiber Farming: (A simple list or anywhere from 1-8 paragraphs of info and even

pictures if you want some on your page, just put them as attachments to this return email.

This is a great spot to share history, hopes, successes, educational information and anything else

that you want people to know about your work.)

~Is there anything else you would like mentioned on your page? Such as other products or services you offer, or specialty crops, etc? IE: Meat, Milk, Pelts, Manure, Silage, etc.

(If there is any information you do not feel comfortable sharing in this questionnaire just leave it blank.)

Email this form and any attachments to: [email protected]