We offer educational workshops here on the farm, ranging from Animal husbandry, to the hand processing of wool from fresh off the sheep to a finished project. 

For every paying adult who attends the class they sponsor a school aged youth to come and take a workshop of their choosing, at no cost.  Or bring along your own school aged friend or family member to take the class with you at no additional cost!

No Deposit required for standard workshop times.

Workshops scheduled at times set by student will require a non-refundable $10 deposit.

Classes to be paid for at end of workshop.

See our Events page for workshop schedule and to learn about scheduling one on one classes.

Scouring, Carding & Combing

In this workshop we take a raw fleece, that is a fleece that has come off the sheep, and you learn to scour (wash) card & comb it.  

These are the first steps to preparing your wool to be used for projects.

You'll also get a history lesson on a few different sheep breeds, the differences in their wool and to meet the flock here on the farm. 

$25.00 1-2 hours

Available Year Round

(whole fleece scouring during warm weather only)


From Spindle to Wheel

In this class we take the prepared wool and learn to spin it.  With a variety of ways to do this you will get to see and try using a Spindle, a Mother Marion spindle or a Spinning Wheel.  You also get a lesson in the history of these tools and their evolution.

And as always, you get to go visit the flock!   

$25.00 1-2 hours 

Available Year Round

Needle Felting

Learn the tools and tricks of needle felting and create your own wonderful little items.  Each class we will make a different little projects.

And of course, we all get to visit the flock for a bit as well!  

$25.00 1-2 hours

Available Year Round

Six Class Series

These are a special series of classes which will cover every aspect of wool processing. In the first class you get your wool and through out all the classes you keep working with it until you have a finished project at the end of the last class.

$25.00Per class 


$120 for all if paid in advance.

 1-2 hours per class  

Available Year Round

Wet Felting

Learn the tools and tricks of wet felting, its really not hard and a lot of fun!

We will make a little different something in each class.

$25.00 2-3 hours

Available Year Round

Animal Husbandry

Two Classes to choose from;

Sheep and Goats 


 Chickens, Ducks and Geese.

Learn about the animals, their needs and their benefits to the farm.

$35.00 2-3 hours

Available Year Round

Tablet Weaving

Learn a few ways to do this ancient art in both old and new ways!

$25.00   2-3 Hours

Available Year Round

Natural Dye Foraging

Its that time of year again!

Join us for the hunting and gathering of the colors of nature! Bring your muck boots (just in case) wear long pants and sleeves, and lets got foraging!

Learn about many of the colors nature gives us to work with and how to prepare them to become dye for your fibers and fabrics.

$25.00  1-2 hours

Only available Mid July- Early September

Natural Dyeing

The plants have been gathered and prepared... its time to dye!

Join us for this outside class where we use natural dyes to color our wool.

This class is NOT for younger children, we will be wearing gloves, dust masks, aprons and goggles on and off through the class.  That's right! We will look like a bunch of mad scientist!

Come join us for the fun where we make 25 colors from a Single Dye!

$35.00  2-3 hours

Only available May -September

Advanced Needle felting

In this workshop we learn how to create items that contain wire armatures. We learn the basics of how to design and shape the armature and the best way to work with it and NOT break our needles!

$25.00   1-2 Hours

Available Year Round

Tools of the Trade

In this workshop we go over all the hand tools used during the processing of wool, from Drum and hand carders, to combs, wheels and more, we cover the mechanics and care of your tools.

I even provide schematics for a few of these tools so you can make your own!

$25.00  2-3 hours

Available Year Round

Summary Workshop

Not Sure What workshops you want to take?  The Summary Workshops goes over EVERYTHING we teach here at the farm with enough information to help you choose what interests you.

$20 1-2 Hours

Available Year Round

Sheep Are Incredible!

Hand Processing

We process your wool for you, No Machines, you get every ounce of your fiber back AND we keep each of your sheep's fleece individual. 



Per Pound



Per Pound

Does not include Scouring

(Weight is after scouring)

Reference Library

Curious about something Farm, Fiber, Colonial Craft? We have a nice reference library in our shop you can come and look through. Bring a note pad and we'll provide a chair and tea so you can sit and read and ask questions!

Our Library includes books on homesteading, Animal Husbandry, Wool Crafting, Gardening and more.

And we have several years of magazines like Mother Earth News, Little Looms, Handwoven & Spinoff and more.