Looking for yarn?

Our wool never leaves the farm. Our shearer comes here and from that point forward 

I Hand Process everything. 

Custom, handspun yarn from lace weight to bulky, 

available  in both a worsted and a woolen preparation.

Available colors are those of the sheep as well as those of the natural dyes I use.

Price?  $10/ounce

How many yards in an ounce?  That depends on the weight yarn you want but typically 

an ounce of Bulky is about 80 yards, to an ounce of Lace can be up to 300 yards.

Any dyed yarn adds $10 to the total.

Only Natural Dyes are used;

Cochineal, Alkanet, Woad, Logwood, Goldenrod, Birch, 

Jewelweed, Osage Orange, Indigo, and more.